Thursday, January 10, 2008

Quick Page # 1

I was fooling around the other night in one of my versions of PSP. I think maybe I was in PSPX2 cuz I just got it. I really wanted to just see how it would work on this computer. This is the layout I came up with.

The little girl in this picture is our granddaughter. She was in a dance show and had to have make up on. So, I took her to the salon and had it done professionally. The bottom picture on the left is her dad (our son) and her 1/2 baby brother.

In all of my filters that I have collected over the years, I found one that would make the film strips that I used in this layout.

As always, click on the title to download the QP if you want it.

I have another one that I made a few days ago and will be up-loading that one next.

Tonight when I went outside, I had a "cute" little surprise! *Smile* Under the small deck I saw 4 little eyes looking at me. As I looked a bit closer......I saw two little raccoons! They were just darling. I think they were waiting for the cats to get done eating so they could get what was left. Of course, I wished that I had my camera with me so I could have taken pictures. Now I know why the dog is always running out of the house when I open the door and heads right for that small deck! *Smile* By the time he gets there I'm sure those little Raccoons are long gone! I'm sure they will be back and I'll try to get some photos of them.

My little skunks are back again too. They are BOLD! They just come up here on the deck and eat up all that cat food. LOL They don't even care that I'm standing out there looking at them. I'll have to remember next time to take my camera with me so I can get more pictures of them. I think these two skunks are the same two that came to eat last summer. I've had to put up with them almost every night since.....that's why I think it's the same ones.

Going to go upload the next layout and QP.

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creatively obsessed said...

OMG She looks just like a little doll! What a pretty girl! Stunning.