Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Please Vote For Me

A month or so I entered a Photo Contest. I didn't think much of it when I first did it. It just sounded like something fun to try. Well....this has ended up being more then just a few votes and it's over. I am now heading to win a real prize! *Smile* Please take the time to vote for my photo at this link.http://www.picture.com/voteforme/photovote1.asp?PID=2427867

I have never won anything so just making it this far is really exciting for me. Also, pass this link onto all your friends and family as well and have them vote too.

A bit about this photo: This is one of the feral cats that I feed. Her name is "Cali Girl" thus the title of the photo. Cali Girl was a very young mama last year and decided she was going to have her babies under a chair, in a box on my deck. What a wonderful surprise it was one day when I went to go outside and I could hear those babies crying. *huge grin* Cali Girl allowed me to handle her babies. She even allowed me to touch her, only cuz she was busy feeding the kids.
As the babies grew I guess she decided that having them right there near the door wasn't such a good idea. Everyone that came to the door would see them and of course want to touch them. So, one day she moved them. *sad face* BUT....that didn't stop me from making at least friends with them! *Smile*

Cali Girl of course once away from that box and front door would never let me touch her again. I still look after her but from a distance.

This picture of her that I put in the contest was done with my new Canon Rebel Xti Camera. She was sitting at the end of the little deck looking after her babies and I couldn't pass up the chance to snap the shot! *Smile* So.....that's how that picture came about.

Again....please go vote for me. And....if you would keep voting every day until the contest is over. I have to have at least 20 votes per day to stay in the contest.

Again, here is the link


Thank you!!!

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