Monday, December 10, 2007

Trying New Things

Well....I sure haven't been to good at coming here and posting. Every night I think about it and by the time it gets quiet around here I'm tired and that's the end of my plans! *sigh*

A couple of days ago I was once again just messing around in PSP to see what types of effects I could come up with. I would use a pre-set shape and then try each effect. These hearts are one of the many different things I did the other day. Maybe one day I'll get around to uploading some of the others things I've been working on.

This one group that I'm in (Design With Renee') is having another QP Exchange. I can't wait to get started on some new QP's. The last Exchange we did, was my very first QP. The one QP I had done took me about two weeks to finally get done! I think this time will be easier for me. I have figured out that it's easier to start by making my own template and then add the background and elements. I need to see things in steps I guess. So, first I do my template where I want shapes and frames for the pictures, and then go from there. I already have an idea in my mind on what I'm going to be doing for this next Exchange.

I've been trying to sort through all of my files and get them in folders and then onto CD's. Been working on this project for ages!!! I took a break from working on this for a few days....started to get really burnt out.

It's starting to be more like winter around here. Every morning our deck now has ice on it. I feel so sorry for those cats that are out there. I wish I had a place they could go to keep warm.

Is everyone ready for Christmas? I'm not!!! I use to be really good about doing my Christmas shopping all year long so I wouldn't have to deal with all the last minute shoppers. But the past few years I put off that shopping for as long as I can. I pretty much already know what I'm getting everyone. I just have to go and get these gifts. Maybe this week I'll do that.

Well....that's about all I have to talk about right now. I'll try to make some more pictures of some of the other things I've been making and get them uploaded here this week. It will be fun to come back here one day and look at what I was doing! *Smile*



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