Sunday, January 13, 2008

Baby Blu - Quick Page

Here is the layout I wrote about a few days ago that I've been working on.
The picture is of our grandson.
He was 14 months in this picture.
Boy oh boy has he changed! *smile*
He's now 22 months.
His mom and I had fun this one day messing around with that rose
that he has in his hand. *smile*
I have also made this into a QP if anyone would like to snag it.
Have you ever done something while making a layout and
then can't remember how you did it?
Well....that seems to be the case for me all the time!!!
Everything I make (or so it seems!)....
it could be a frame, or say like those
stars in this layout, ribbons etc..... I can't seem to remember how I got
the effects. *sigh*
If I were to sit here and write down every move I made, I'd have a
TON of paper all over my desk! *Smile*
AND...believe me.....I don't need any more paper on my desk!
So, I have decided that I'll just be happy with what
ever it is I come up with, save it
and not worry about trying to ever do it again! LOL
Seems like the easiest way for me! *Smile*
I bought PSP X2 a while back. It doesn't seem to like
my computer to well.
It runs really slow. *sigh*
I tend to go back to using PSP 8 or 9 only because
they both run so much faster for me.
It seems like each version of PSP has something new/good
that makes me want to have them
ALL installed so I don't miss out on anything! LOL
Well.....that's about all I have to share for right now.
I have made some ribbons, buttons, and frames that I want to
put on here....but that's going to have to wait for now.
TaTa for now..........!!!


creatively obsessed said...

Oh, I just hate when I can't remember how I did something. I DO have notes all over my desk. (chuckle)

Great layout and your DGS is soooooo cute!

Emma said...

lovely layout. Your DGS is adorable :)