Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lost Everything looks as if I'll not be doing any layouts any time soon. I had moved ALL my photos I've taken over the past 4-5 years to a external hard drive along with my tubes that I use to make tags. Well, yesterday I went to grab a photo for a new layout AND guess what??? My computer couldn't recognize that hard drive for some reason. I finally figured out that the computer was trying to name that external HD the same drive letter as what was used for a networking set up. Up till last night, I've been able to use all my files over on that hard drive. Now when I click on the HD letter, it wants to format. I'm just heartbroken over all of this. I'm talking ALL photos of grand kids, cats, dog, family, races you name it...they are gone. I hope that I still have some of those photos on my memory cards for my different cameras. As for my tubes...well I'm sure I can get a new collection in no time! *Smile* I'm still upset that I've lost them of course because I've been collecting those for about 10 years! So, for now.....I am not feeling like messing around on here or in PSP.

Feeling Sad!

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