Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Birthday QP Freebie!

Hope everyone had a nice Easter this past weekend. It seems like Easter just came way to soon this year, and I wasn't really ready for it. Just the same though....ours was a good one. Spent the day with kids and grand kids! *Smile*

My friend "Emma" has been at it again *smile* and has made another kit. She asked me if I would make a QP using her new kit. Below is a preview of what I came up with using some of the items in her kit.

If you would like to buy "Emma's" Birthday kit, you may go to her store HERE

I have been working on a few more "Freebies" to share with everyone, but I am just not fully happy with what I have so far.....so it may be a few more days before I share it here for anyone to snag! *Smile*

I have been taking care of my 2 yr old grandson while his parents are at work, so I don't have as much time to make things as I did. Also, in a couple of weeks our races will be starting and that will once again take up a lot of my time.

Well....guess I'll get going for now. I'll post again real soon....so feel free to pop in and take a look to see what might be new here.

Have a GREAT day!!!

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