Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~~Useful PSP XI Tip~~

Have you ever wondered where to put those different files like "Brushes, Masks, Frames etc?" Well, in older versions of PSP it was very had folders already with these names. BUT, when PSP XI came out Corel changed all of this "easy to figure out folders" to a numerical system. Well, because of this very confussing way, I just haven't really bothered to add new files etc to PSP XI. Now that I have found this VERY useful information I will for sure be using it.
This morning as I was looking around at different blogs, I came upon one that had some useful PSP tips. So that I won't loose these tips, I'm posting them here.
The blog where I found these tips is:

Below is the info:

Former PSP Folder Name - PSP XI Folder Name
Brushes Corel_01
Bump Maps Corel_2
Deformation Maps Corel_3
Displacement Maps Corel_4
Environmental Maps Corel_5
Gradients Corel_6
Masks Corel_7
Patterns Corel_8
Picture Frames Corel_9
Picture Tubes Corel_10
Preset Shapes Corel_11
Selections Corel_12
Styles Lines Corel_13
Swatches Corel_14
Textures Corel_15
Mixer Pages Corel_16

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