Saturday, November 8, 2008

~~New News~~

Well, I have some "New News" *smile* My friend Emma and I have decided to join together and have Blog where we both post our different kits and quick pages as well as layouts. I think it will be "fun" to have a joint blog. *smile*
I've already posted a QP over there for anyone to snag if you'd like.

I have a few more "Freebies" that I've been working on to share with everyone. I just have to finish up a few things before I post them. sure to check out both Blogs as you never know where these "Freebies" will be located! *Smile*

It's raining here in "not so sunny California!" *Smile* This means that we didn't have races this weekend. I'm thrilled about this! LOL Only one more race and we will finally be done for the season. Of course, the next years season will come all to soon for my liking....but I've been doing it for soooo long, that I don't think I'd know what to do with my weekends if I didn't have races to run! *Smile*

Gotta run....have some other things I need to post here tonight.


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