Thursday, November 15, 2007

Playing Around I'm not really all that good at keeping this blog up. I guess that's cuz I'm just not sure what all to write here.

Tonight I decided I was going to see how 4Shared works and got my own account to upload some of the LO's and QP's I have made. I figure it's a good idea to have a backup of things some place else as well.

So....the first file I have uploaded is the All Pink QP that I made.
I mainly did this for myself just so one day I can look back and remember all the time I spent on these things! *smile*
Just remember, I'm a "Newbie" at all of this so it's not really all that great. But heck, I sure had a good time playing around with this QP.

I have been trying to burn CD's the past few days. I haven't gotten to far on it cuz "everyone" keeps calling me and I loose track of where I am. I want certain files on each CD so it will be easier for me to find things later. Like everything else that I get started in, this too is going to take a long time to get done!

Not much else going on around here. Guess I'll get back to what I was doing. Will try to write again in a few days.


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