Monday, November 5, 2007

Tried Something New Last Night

For the past year or so I have have been collecting different
digi-scrapbooking kits.
I have seen all these really GREAT creations people have done.
I thought to myself
"this would be something fun to try with all my pictures."

Of course,
I have NO clue how they have done these different layouts and quick pages.
So, on the hunt I went to find out just how to do all this stuff!
It hasn't been very easy to find info on this subject.
I'll have to keep searching I guess.

I decided that if I can't figure out how to "make" these layouts and elements,
I'd try my hand at doing something else.
I first decided I'd take a few pictures that I have
and figure out just how to get them in those quick pages!
That was easy!!!
Next I wanted to figure out just HOW you make those quick pages yourself.
Again, on the hunt I went to find this info out.
Of course, I couldn't find what I was looking for.

Then last night, I was reading some of my "List" email,
and the owner of a scrapbooking list has been kind enough
to write tutorials for all of us Newbies.
She wrote one on just the subject I was looking for!
"How to make your own quick pages!!!"
Here's the link to her tutorial:

So, late last night I tried it.

It was much easier then I thought it would be.
I'm still having a bit of trouble with figuring out how to do the size to begin with.
They say you want these to be 12 x 12,
but in PSP I'm not real clear on how to set the page to be that size to begin with.
I'll keep working at it.
This is something I want sooooooo
badly to do and nothings going to get me down! *Smile

OK.....I think that's all my news for today.
I'm going to go "play" some more and see what else I can learn to do.
Ooooooh....this is just soooo much fun!



Emma said...

I love the layout :o)

Renee' said...

Lady Dove, your grandkids are soooo adorable!! You did an awesome job on your Quickpage too! Thank you so much for posting my site and I'm soooo glad I can be of help to you :0)


creatively obsessed said...

So sweet, the layout and the kiddos